The Shadows
Return. . .

Autumn Begins and We Are Back

Shadowy Realms Fall Launch

Fall Launch Date: 09/01/15

Relax and listen to some of the greatest Suspense, Mystery and Macabre that the Golden Age of radio ever had to offer. Shadowy Realms returns to bring you the joys of pure audio terror.

Today's Programming

  • Tales from the Shadows - The Outsider (24:30)

    Fear on Four - Hellhound on My Trail (29:08)

    Vanishing Point - The Cave (30:00)

    Theater Five - Nightmare at 26000 Feet (21:25)

    Strange Doctor Weird - Murder -- One Million B.C. (11:51)

    Mystery Is My Hobby - Stephanie Brent Murdered (23:09)

    The Unexpected - Mercy Killing (15:04)

    Neverwhere - London Below (1/6) (57:33)

    Tales from the Shadows - The Rats in the Walls (27:44)

    Fear on Four - Hearing Is Believing (29:09)

    Vanishing Point - The Lost Door (29:37)

    Theater Five - Around the Corner from Nowhere (19:47)

    Mystery Is My Hobby - Body in the Trunk (22:56)

    The Unexpected - Birthday Present (14:40)

  • Shady Doings


    11-13 SEP

    Scarefest in Lexington, KY

    Lots of horror celebs (some big names) and plenty to see and do. Prices start at $20 at the door.


    Scare-A-Con at Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY

    Mainstream celebrities, vendors, collectibles, paranormal, costumes and more!
    Mile-High Film Festival


    Mile High Horror Film Festival at Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton, CO

    Showcasing the very best horror films from around the world.


    Online Player